Flying pigeons fall dead in Bhagalpur

Flying pigeons
Representational Pics

Early this year, many crows had died in different parts of Jharkhand.Now, over 500 pigeons are reported to have died in Bath village near Sultanganj in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district.

The death of some crows was attributed to a variant of Bird Flu.Some others had claimed that micro waves released by the mobile towers were responsible for their death.But there was no unanimity about the cause of their death among the forensic experts.

Flying pigeons in the sky
Representational Pics

This time again,though no body knows the cause of Pigeons’ death,some of their keepers in Bath village were brooding.”This is for the first time I have seen the mass death of so many pigeons”,said Satish Singh, who claims to have lost 250 pigeons.

None of the district officials had visited the site so far.A report quoting another pigeon keeper Mohan Singh,said:”Inquiry is needed to know why so many pigeons had died in a couple of days.”

In Bihar and Jharkhand,meat of pigeon is consumed by many.Pigeons are also domesticated as pets.

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