Feminists criticize Muslim panchayat’s decision to ban use of cell-phones by girls

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Feminists are up in arms over the ban imposed by a Muslim community panchayat in Rajasthan its girls on making use of cell-phones and dancing and singing at weddings.

The ban was imposed on Thursday with an aim to prevent incidents like Delhi gangrape.

Reports said that boys and girls of the Muslim community panchayat at Salumbar town in Udaipur district were also “prohibited from marrying someone against the wish of their family members or someone from a different community”.

A declaration toward this end was made by the Anjuman Muslim Panchayat, a minority community council at Saumbar on Thursday.The panchayat secretary Habibur Rahman told the media persons that it was unanimpously decided to ban the girls from carrying and using cell phones.

Soon after Rahman said that the decision was taken with a view that cell phones are spoiling girls,a number of feminists decried the move.”This is like Taliban out to trample with the freedom of the women.We don’t approve of it”,said Babita Nazma,a school teacher,echoing the sentiments of a few educated Muslim activists.

The panchayat had made it clear that the girls of the Muslim community at Salumbar would not be allowed to dance and sing during wedding functions.” A couple cannot get married against the wishes of their family members,” said Rahman adding that any body who will defy the panchayat’s decision would invite punishment.

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