FDI is a cause of concern,but roll back diesel price hike first,demand Jharkhand businessmen


In terms of priority,the businessmen in Jharkhand want the diesel price hike withdrawn and not the roll back of FDI in branded retail.

Though the shops and market places remained closed,the chairman of the Co-ordination Committee of the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries , Sanjay Seth said after over a decade the business community of Jharkhand had hit the streets against the Centre’s ‘anti-people policies’.

Seth said that the main concern of the Chamber was rise in prices of diesel.”We want waiving of VAT on petroleum products in the state”,said Seth.

During the day,over 5,000 activists and leaders of different political parties, including ruling BJP, courted arrest during the strike, according to the police.

In any case,the strike passed off peacefully and the arrested people were let off later during the day.

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