Durga Puja:Vigil on eve teasers!


Come Durga puja and terror grips young girls.None of them were spared from being a victim of eve teasing during their visit to crowded pandals.

This has been a harsh reality during the festive season in the past.Every body knows eve teasing is a deplorable act that injects shame, fear, disgust and helplessness in the victim.So much so that being subjected to eve teasing during visit to the pandal was an inseparable part of every girl’s life causing much avoidable mental agony to her.

The crime,more often than not, unfolds when a romeo gave a lewd stare, a sly whistle, a well-timed clap, an unwarranted bump, a seemingly casual touch, a lingering look at a vulnerable time, the humming of a suggestive song, passing downright uncouth comments, cheap gestures, the display of an indecent snap or video, and guys moved close with hands stretched to catch the breast.

This time the scene was different.The police have decided to deploy women constable in all pandals in Ranchi to contain them.

Also,a group of social activists have set up a militia-Kali Sena.”We will keep a watch.The moment we notice any body out to tease,we will catch him and hand him over to the police”,said Manish Singh,a member of the Sena.

Jharkhand DGP GS Rath held a meeting with Ranchi Durga Puja Samiti leaders on Wednesday.Rath told them that the security of all puja pandals were tightened.”The personnel of the Special Branch(intelligence gatherers)will keep vigil on them to maintain law and order”,said Rath.

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