Dubai to have its Taj Mahal at a cost of $ 1 billion


The monument of love and one of the seven wonders of the world located in Agra,will have its replica in Dubai.

So because the Taj Mahal,built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan,in love and memory of his wife Mumtaz around 350 years ago,is learnt to have inspired Arab Emirate of Dubai so much that he plans to build its own Taj Mahal at a cost of $ 1 billion.

“Taj Arabia will be about four times the size of the original monument, the developers said last week. The project is expected to be ready by late 2014 and will be set in the heart of the 41 million sq feet Falcon City of Wonders on Emirates road”,said a report.

The report further said that the Dubai Taj is to be constructed to honour the union of married couples and make it the world’s grandest wedding destination. “Marriage is a celebration. It needs to be announced and glorified. People go to Bali and other exotic places to marry. Now they will come to the Taj Arabia,” said the report quotng Arun Mehra, chairman of the Link Global Group, sub-developers of the mega project.

“Taj Arabia will be a five-star hotel property with 300 rooms. The Taj Mahal, which is situated Agra, is a Unesco World Heritage site.”

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