Do you want to earn?Take up blogging as a profession


blogCall it a web-log or a blog.It is turning out to be a dynamic platform where posts appear in their chronological order and is easy-to-navigate.In other words,this means that a successful blog has a potential of drawing in millions of viewers.And money too.

This fact is now being utilized across the globe.Many netizens have carved out a niche for themselves in the blogosphere.Not for nothing.Books of accounts show many of them were making regular income out of it.

Those who take to blogging as their career,were identified as pro-bloggers.They cut across professions and can be any one-student,artist,photographer,tourist,consultant and doctor.Since not many people were aware of it in India,it may be taken up as a viable career option.

A blog has a huge potential for generating income.A blogger is self-employed.He or she is an entrepreneur.Most blogs don’t charge a fee from the reader.They make money from larger organizations.Following are a few ways to make money out of a blog:

*Advertisements: Many bloggers sell small ad-spaces to companies all around the world.When the revenue is converted to the Indian currency,it sums up to be pretty neat.There are also some advertisement services provided by “Wordpress” or “Blogger”.These platforms are used to run the blog.

*Affiliate programmes:Some make use of affiliate programs offered by some companies to link their products to the blog-owner’s site and pay a percentage to him/her if a viewer clicks or purchases any product through that link.Products and services are also directly sold via a blog. These include e-books, courses, tutorials,consultancy services and so on.

No wonder why some Indian blogs make more money by selling small ad-spaces than an entry-level engineer earns.The signal is clear that time has come when people,especially those who were writers and creatively-inclined,to start taking up blogging as their full-time profession.

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