Dead trees threaten life of humans in Ranchi

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Worn out trees
Pictures by Ratan Lal show from left- Near Institute of Management Studies Ranchi University Ranchi, Birsa Munda Football Stadium Morahabadi, Kutchehari road near Jaipal Singh Stadium, Gopal complex, Purulia road near Kantatoli Chowk and St. Xavier Collage in Ranchi on Wednesday. Pix by Ratan Lal

Residents are complaining about the presence of dead trees along the road sides in Ranchi.

Many of them have pointed out that these trees, which are dead, can fall anytime and cause fatal accidents.

Many residents told that lack of coordination between the forest department is the reason behind the death of these trees.However,one resident said that some people who use dry wood to burn and use the cooking oven remove the top layer of the tree to make it dead.”After the tree dies,they cut it and take its parts home to burn the oven”,he said.

These trees are located in different places in Ranchi.One reasident said that these trees had fresh leaves and flowers until a few years ago. He holds the view that the discharge of untreated sewage into the open storm water drain near the trees by a section of residents in the neighbourhood has contaminated the water table resulting in the decay of these trees,most of which are decades old.

“I have taken the issue to the state agencies concerned, including the local RMC and the state Forest Department. However, there has been no progress,” says 63-year-old Seetaram Singh, a longtime resident of Shivpuri.

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