Day 2-Robowars leave IITians in cheers


The scene is like a cock fight.But instead of the cocks,the fight is between brutal looking Robots.They fight against each other in the arena with a singular motive- destruction of the other robot.And when they exchange blows,the crowd cheers.

Believe it or not,Robowars is one of the most popular events in the on going Techfest of IIT Mumbai. Every participating team has a robot made to fight and destroy other robots in the arena to claim the title of the winner.

The robots derive their destructive powers from hydraulic pistols , rotating blades and many other programmes. “ The weight limit for the robots has been set to 60 Kgs and the limit of their dimensions has to be below 750mm *750mm*1000mm. Also, except for the remote control,everything in the robot should be on the ‘ownboard’ and it must be in-built in the robot’ ,” said Lokendra Singh,one of the organizers of the competition.

Swaroop Barik , Chandan Biswal , Ashish Naik, Akash Abhishek, Subrat Mishra and Romya Ranjan Roy- all third years students of ITER Bhubaneshwar- have one of the most brutal robots. After cutting the opponents bot to pieces they now have hopes that they will reach in the finals and emerge as winners.

“ We have built a vertical fly wheel cutter made out of compressed Aluminium. This cutter stores and transfers impact on the other bot. If the bot stands the impact, it survives and ensures victory,” said Akash one of the team members.

The finale of the competition would be held on the penultimate day of the festival on Saturday. The Winner of the competition would get Rs 40000 as cash prize and the total amount of prize money involved is Rs 80000.

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