Daughter in league with her paramour kills father,brother for property

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This was the ghastly twin murder committed by daughter in league with her paramour to grab property.

This daughter was a married woman.She in league with her paramour murdered her own father and brother on the outskirts of Ranchi on Friday.

Investigations revealed that Sacchi Shekhar,who was arrested on Thursday,was
living separately from her husband for the past five years.She had an alleged illicit relation with Awdesh Singh alias Pintoo.

Sacchi’s father, Lal Randheer Nath Sahdeo, 70, had constructed a house for her near his place. Her brother Lal Murari Nath Sahdeo, who had knowledge of her extra-marital relation, was against the property being given to Sacchi.

The police said Sahdeo was opposed to Sacchi’s illicit affair.
On Oct 22, Sacchi’s father and brother were shot dead in their house situated at Tupudana, around 20 km from Ranchi.

Both Sacchi and Pintoo,who had planned the murder for property,escaped to Mumbai.”Sacchi tried to divert the course of investigation by blaming neighbours for land dispute.Three people named in the FIR were detained”,police said.

The police suspect that Pintoo and Saccchi had hired three shooters to kill both father and brother.

The changing statements of the woman and mobile call details unveiled the mystery of the murder.

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