Das govt demands Rs 60 crore for cleaning Ganga in Sahebgunj

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Representational Picture showing polluted river Ganga in Jharkhand
Representational Picture showing polluted river Ganga in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has sought Rs 60 crore from the Centre to clean the river Ganga in Jharkhand.

In Jharkhand,where the river Ganga criss crosses just around 83 km in Sahebgunj via Rajmahal in Santhal Pragana,the Ganga Action plan can be easily implemented,said Das in New Delhi today.

He said,in Sahebgunj and Rajmahal,there were 74 villages along the river Ganga.Among these villages,there were 15 drains linked with the Ganga.Among the residents of these villages,about 10 percent people use toilets.The rest 90 percent,in absence of toilets,defecate in the open,a major cause of concern,said the CM.

To clean the river Ganga,large scale building of toilets and community toilets was most important.In addition,solid waste is necessary.Toward the same end,the state government has demanded Rs 60 crore from the Centre,informed Das.

He said that along the Ganga river in Sahebgunj,there were washeries of nine factories of China clay.The polluted water coming out from there enter into the Ganga river.”The state government will appeal to these factories to have water treatment plant and save the river Ganga from getting polluted”,said Das.


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