Darshan, CEO of an IT firm in U.S., to challenge from Pandavapura

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Darshan Puttannaiah, nerd and child of the as of late expired agriculturists’ pioneer K.S. Puttannaiah, has hopped into the constituent shred, declaring that he will challenge from Pandavapura, the voting public that chose his dad in 2013. Puttannaiah, a two-time MLA for Pandavapura, passed away on February 18, 2018.

Agriculturists’ pioneers from the Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha held a gathering at the remembrance of Puttannaiah at Pandavapura on Thursday, where Sunita Puttannaiah, spouse of the perished pioneer, reported that Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah will challenge the surveys. Ranchers’ pioneers will approach Swaraj India party, looking for a ticket for Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah, as Puttannaiah had as of late joined the gathering, sources said. Swaraj India is probably going to accept an approach the issue in seven days, sources said.

Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah, 41, is the organizer and CEO of Qwinix Technologies, an application improvement and IT specialist co-op organization headquartered in Denver, U.S. It has workplaces in Costa Rica, Dubai, and India. An alum from the University of Mysore, Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah moved to the U.S. long prior.

Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah said he had taken the choice to return home when his dad was alive. “I put in a progress design in Denver and procured someone else to run the show three months back. It’s in procedure. The whole family is moving back home and youngsters will join school in Mysuru. I will manage the organization issues from here,” he said.

Ranchers’ development isn’t completely new to him, Mr. Darshan Puttannaiah said. “I began an open-source tech stage called Code for Farmers three years back, which has been attempting to create tech applications to help agriculturists. For example, we built up this application that gives agriculturists advertise rates and furthermore showcase insight on the value drift,” he said.

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