Dark Energy real,say astronomers

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A mysterious substance called the Dark Energy that is thought to accelerate the expansion of the universe has been found to really exist. The results of a two-year study by a team of astronomers at the University of Portsmouth and LMU University, Munich, lead them to announce the 99.996% probability of the existence of the Dark Energy.

Referred to as one of the greatest scientific mysteries of our time, the possibility of the existence of the Dark Energy has been a topic of constant study and debate.

Its possibilitywas first considered when astronomers studying the brightness of distant supernovae found that the universe seemed to expand at an accelerating pace. Repulsive forces that might be corresponding to the Dark Energy were stated as the reason for this accelerated expansion of the universe.The researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011 for this discovery.

But this new discovery might lead to the possible modification of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity according to Tommaso Giannantonio, the lead author of the current study. The findings have been published in the Journal, “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society”.

The Big Bang left a residual heat, and its radiation is seen all over the sky as the “Cosmic Microwave Background” . The study of temperature of the light or the photons and their temperature change can be compared to the maps of the galaxies of our universe. The presence of Dark Energy is said to be able to establish a relationship between the map of the galaxies and the Cosmic Microwave Background due to the interaction of light and mass.

“The next generation of cosmic microwave background and galaxy surveys should provide the definitive measurement, either confirming general relativity, including dark energy, or even more intriguingly, demanding a completely new understanding of how gravity works.” Giannantonio also noted.

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