CS reviews Greater Ranchi Development project,identifies seven sites

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Picture shows Jharkhand Chief Secretary Rajiv Gauba

The work related with creation of a new capital town-Greater Ranchi -has moved ahead with Jharkhand Chief Secretary Rajiv Gauba reviewing seven sites in Ranchi today.

Th plan aims to build a beautiful new capital city.The review was carried out in a meeting with the concerned officials of the state government.These sites were –

1.Site 2A.It falls under Kanke Block near Kanke Dam,Jumar River,Rukka Dam covers 3949.23 acres.Of this land,2507.12 acres were ‘Raiati land’,1671.33 acres were ‘Gairmajurwa land’ and 156.38 acres were unconstructed land.There was no forest in this area.

2.Site 2.It lies in 2885.88 acres under Kanke Block near Airport and Railway station.Of this land 2503.77 acres were ‘Raiati land’,180.56 acres ‘Gairmajurwa’land and 182.97 acres were unconstructed land.There was no forest land there.

3.Site A.It falls along NH 75 covering Ranchi-Khunti in Namkom Block near Railway station and Airport.It carries 6374.00 acres.Of this land,4345.92 acres were “Raiyat land’,1466.12 acres were ‘Gairmajurwa land and 476.39 acres consisted of forest and 53.24 acres were unconstructed land.

4.Site B.It falls under Namkom Block along Garkhatanga Ring road near Airport and Railway station.It covers 10156.90 acres.Of this land,5535.58 acres were ‘Raiati land’,1505.47 acres were ‘Gairmajurwa land’,2898.52 acres were forest land and 50.02 were unconstructed land.

5.Site C.It is in Namkom Block near Military campus.Near Airport and Railway station,it has 6091.59 acres.Of this piece of land,5205.07 acres were ‘Raiyati land’,584.13 acres were ‘Gairmajurwa land’,90.33 acres were forest land and 124.56 acres were unconstructed land.

6.Site D.It falls in Namkom Block along Rajaulatu Ring road.Nearly 17306.35 acres of land were near Airport and Railway station.Of this land,9357.81 acres were ‘Raiati land’,2364.75 acres were ‘Gairmajurwa land’,5123 acres were forest land and 122.49 acres were unconstructed piece of land.

7.This site measuring 2748.82 acres was near Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd,Airport and Railway station.

Gauba has directed the state Revenue Secretary to take note of these sites,review them and make a report after doing a comparative examination of these seven sites.

Apart from directing the Ranchi Deputy Commissioner to look into the legal issues connected with these land sites,he also directed them to look into the availability of water,possible expenditure on rehabilitation and other issues.He told them to prepare a plan suggesting where the Greater Ranchi should be built and which land should be kept in the ‘Land Bank.’

During the review meeting,Ranchi DC Manoj Kumar displayed his proposal.The meeting was attended among others by Principal Secretary,Water Resources,Sukhdeo Singh,Principal Secretary,Forest,Arun Kumar Singh and Secretary,Land Reforms KK Soan.

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