Crazy guys mar Valentine’s day in Ranchi

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Sidho Kanho Park-4On Valentine’s day today,Cupid,the Roman god of love,must have been terrified with the event of terror at Sidhu Kanu Park and the city colleges.A group of crazy guys chased the youths-both boys and girls-who were spending week end at Sidhu Kanu Park in Ranchi today.

Sadly,while these guys who allegedly belonged to Shiv Sena shouted slogans against Valentine’s Day arguing that it was spoiling the Hindu culture,the men in Khaki gave company to them.Result?Sidho Kanho Park-1

Many girls photographed by preferred to stay behind the iron gates of their hostels.Sidhu Kanu Park considered a safe spot for youths-both boys and girls- to express love remained empty solely due to fear of the agitators and police.

Remarkably,the youth appears well and truly concrete over the hype that marked February 14 earlier. Sunita Rrani,a BSc student at St Xavier’s College,said: “If someone wishes to celebrate the day,he/she can do so without much fuss. I believe that the youth have finally understood that Valentine’s Day is a personal issue and no body has any right to force them not to express love on Valentine’s Day.The sad thing is the police instead of taking the agitaionists to task,back them.””

Secretary of Students Organisation of Ranchi University,Salkhan Horro Brinder Dhillon,said: “The present generation is sensible and gone are the days when people used to create scenes.””Sidho Kanho Park-3

A college student Vicky said:”The day spreads the message of love and people should have the freedom to celebrate the occasion.”Meanwhile,today hardly saw any visitors with youngsters preferring to celebrate the day on their own.

Note:Rattan Lal’s Photographs shows guys shouting slogans against valentine’s day at Sidhu kanu Park in Ranchi and some girls keeping themselves behind iron gates of their hostels in Jharkhand’s capital on Saturday.Sidho Kanho Park-2

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