CPI (M) demands urgent drought relief measures

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Gafoor says State failed to take precautions

The CPI (M) State committee has demanded that the government take immediate steps for mitigating the impact of drought and alleged that except declaring 306 mandals as drought-hit, it did little to alleviate the plight of people.

In a press release, party leader M.A. Gafoor demanded that the government supply drinking water, provide wage employment to all the needy, pay at least ₹250 as daily wage and give input subsidy to the farmers.

Mr. Gafoor observed that the drought was severe in Nellore, Prakasam and Srikakulam districts and a huge number of poor people were migrating in search of livelihood.

Protests on May 5

The government had indications that the State faced severe drought but it failed in taking precautions, the CPI (M) leader said, adding that the party would be organising protests from the mandal-level on May 5 to mount pressure on the government to take action at least now.

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