Cost of Mars mission is affordable

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NASA scientist Amitabha Ghosh,NASA, scientist, Amitabha Ghosh,NASA scientistNASA scientist Amitabha Ghosh today observed that the cost of Mars mission these days has become extremely affordable and productive.

“Technology is improving day by day. This has resulted in better and improved machinery for exploration of mars”,said Ghosh addressing the IIT,Bombay’s Techfest on its concluding day today.

Narrating NASA’s past experiences in view of its previous missions,Ghosh enthralled the audience with animated clips showing how a space mission is launched and how the robot collects information once the mission is launched.

The latest mission by NASA in Mars has relied upon a robot called Curiosity.Since the previous missions indicated that there was a possibility of water on this plant,Curiosity was out to search for water on Mars.

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