Contain pollution,ban illegal autos in Ranchi,HC tells government


Contain pollution,ban illegal autos in Ranchi

The people of Ranchi have the right to lead a healthy life.To make it possible,it is necessary to end pollution caused by three wheeler autos,observed Jharkhand High Court.

Responding to a PIL,Chief Justice Prakash Tatia and Justice Jaya Roy on Monday directed the state government to ban the movement of those autos in the state capital,whose owners did not have the permit issued by the authorites.The number of autos should be decided on the basis of the need of Ranchi,the court noted.

The PIL,filed by Rajnish Mishra,a resident,seeking court’s directive to contain pollution caused by vehicles in Ranchi,had informed the court that in the state capital of Jharkhand,there were 2300 and 6000 autos with permit and without permit respectively.

In fact,most of these autos run on adulterated fuel,a major source of pollution.Aware of it,the court asked the state government to explain if it had identified the sites for opening CNG stations

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