Coalgate:Manmohan Singh Government can't cancel coal blocks arbitraily


Manmohan Singh“Sao Chuha Kha Ke, Billi Chali Haz Ko”(After eating hundred rats,Cat set about for pilgrimage).This adage sounds true in case of the Manmohan Singh government’s decision to allocate coal blocks and then cancel some of them.

In fact,one principle of natural justice held repeatedly by the Supreme Court is that recommendation for cancellation or dismissal or termination or any other coercive action can be taken by that authority only who is/was competent to recommend for grant.

In the instant case,the Centre seems to have violated it.How?

The constitution of the screening committee responsible for the grant included representatives from the state government,Union Ministry of Environment and Forest(UMEF) and so on.But the “Inter Ministerial Group(IMG)” which has recommended cancellation on account of ‘slow development of coal block”has no representation from the state government and the UMEF.

This has raised a billion dollar question:Has this been done deliberately so that the court can easily set aside the deallocation orders of the Union Ministry of Coal?

Apparently,to wipe off its black spots from its face,the Centre has been crying from the roof top that all allocations were done on the basis of recommendation of state government

Now,if its “cry” was not orchestrated,why did the Manmohan Singh government forget the State Government while de allocating the coal blocks?

Every body knows that the Manmohan Singh government,caught on its wrong foot,was desperately trying to pass the buck on the state government.Is this not the reason why two companies -Bhushan Steel and JSW -whose coal blocks were cancelled by the IMG have already got a seven day relief from the Delhi High court?

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