Coalgate:"He grazes the field,she is flogged"


Coalgate,coalgate scam, Coal India “Khet Khaya Koi,Mar Khaye Koi”(Some body grazes the field,the other one is flogged).This traditional wisdom has acquired significance today in Jharkhand where the premier investigating agency is out to nail those who invoked the law to allocate coal blocks,leaving the real culprits of the national capital go scot free.

Today the CBI sleuths reached Jharkhand and Chattisgarh to probe alleged beneficiary companies in the controversial coal block allocations.As per the law,a coal block is allotted by the Union Coal Ministry following recommendations of the state government.

This is not to give a clean chit to Soren,Koda and Munda.Instead it is to offer a point of order that in order to promote industrialization and attract investment,the successive state governments led by former Chief Ministers Shibu Soren and Madhu Koda as well as Chief Minister Arjun Munda had recommended allocations of coal blocks to different companies.They did so invoking the law.

Now,all these ex CMs and Munda were in the CBI’s radar.But the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, officials of the Prime Minister’s Office and the successive union coal ministers who recommended and allocated the coal blocks without auctioning them were yet to be booked.

“You can not blame the exCMs and Munda.After all they used the law to recommend allocations.Their motive was to attract investment in the state.The real culprits are those big men and women in New Delhi who misued their authority to allocate the coal blocks without even auctioning them”,said a senior officer adding;”Had they rejected the recommendations and not allocated these coal blocks,they could have been pardoned.”

Reports say the CBI has dispatched its teams to Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand to probe alleged beneficiary companies in the controversial coal block allocations.In fact,while the sleuths of the CBI teams have already reached these two states in connection with probe into alleged irregularities in coal block allocation and utilization,their counterparts in the national capital failed to even quiz all those due to whom these coal blocks were allocated without even going for their auction which could have fetched the national exchequer hundreds of crores of rupees.Did Soren,Koda and Munda tell them not to aution these coal blocks?

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