CM to act against corruption in prisons

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Mayuri Phadnis

mayuri phadnis

In an exclusive with, Chief Minister Arjun Munda assured that the government would be taking appropriate action on the serious issue of corruption inside the jails.

Arjun Munda
Arjun Munda

This comment from the CM comes after few ministers and MLA’s grilled the state government in the last session of the state assembly for its failure to contain corruption inside the jails in the state. Few amongst them where Ex Chief Minister and MP Madhu Koda, Ex minister Kamlesh Singh and MLAs –Enos Ekka and Harinarain Rai and Sawana Lakra and Satyendra nath Tiwari – all of whom have been in the jail at different point of times.

The prisons in Jharkhand have several irregularities such as damaged Jammer (an electronic device that blocks micro waves of the cell phones), bribes to meet prisoners, wages as less as Rs 14-16 per day to those who work as laborers and charges to provide space in the jails. Further, the prison authorities fail to safeguard prisoners who get exploited by their own inmates. Moreover, they are not even provided food as per the prison manual.

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