CM paid floral tribute on Justice L.P.N Sahdev Picture at Justice L.P.N Sahdev Chowk

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Today went celebrated the sixth anniversary of the architect Justice L PN Shahadev Jharkhand movement. Located in front of Building Information On this occasion, Justice L PN Shahadev was scheduled tribute at the square. Pay tribute to Justice Shahadev chief Raghuvar Das Justice Shahadev arrived Square. Mr. Das garlanded photograph of Justice Shahadev and pay homage. On this occasion, the wife of Justice Shah Dev Mrs. Prabha Shahadev, eldest son Ratan Kumar, a number of family members, including Shahadev pratul son of Justice Shahadev were also present.
Former Chief Minister Arjun Munda said Justice L PN Shah Dev Chowk went and pays homage to Nyaymurthy.

On this occasion, MP Ramthl Minister also paid tributes. They were fighting for a separate state comprising Justice Shahadev can never forget his contribution, saying Jharkhand explains the protagonist of the final battle of the Jharkhand movement, Mr. Chowdhury said side by Sadan and tribal shoulder due to the initiative of Justice Shahadev said.

Urban Development Minister CP Singh termed the red soil Justice Shahadev that accepted him his leadership on a platform of 16 political parties under his leadership. It was disciplined personality of Justice Shahadev and reflect their popularity. Mr. Singh said that before the soil in this phase of movement the party led by Justice Shahadev of movement along the lines of ‘. Mayor Mrs. Hope Ranchi wood by Justice Shahadev were worthy of Justice Shahadev of saying tribute to Jharkhand who has the distinction of being the first judge in this area. Mrs. Lakra said he gave a new direction to the movement for a separate state.
BJP’s state president, Mr Aditya Sahu, general secretary lamp, Mr. Subodh Singh, Guddu, Deen Barnwal, Shiva worship reader, etc. offered floral photograph of Justice Shahadev. In addition, the opportunity to present key people Chairman Ratan Kumar jsssc in, Deputy Mayor Sanjeev Vijayavargiya, Ranchi University of Tribal and Regional Department Chairman Dr. Professor Triveni Nath Sahu, JVM Singh shyamali principal doctor A, general secretary of Jharkhand Chamber Kunal ajmani, Satya Prakash, Ahsan Ali, Shubhojit, Rajnikanth, lapel kinger lamp Maru, Anjay Saraogi, Ravi Ranjan, Kishan Agarwal, No. Song Dev, gazing Shahadev, Shambhavi, bravery, bright Shahadev, sun Shahadev, Rajesh Shahadev Ashok Braik, point Bhushan Dwivedi, Raja Singh, Azam Ahmed, Balkar Singh titular majesty Jubilee, raindrop Bhushan Dubey, modestly Saraogi, Subhash Sahu, Pankaj Poddar, Dr Ravi Bhat, Niranjan Sharma, Elsian Shahadev, Lalan opinion, including hundreds of people operating doctor present Thekcarykram Bhim Prabhakar said.

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