Cloud,Rain to affect Holi festival

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NoteRatan Lal's picture shows a couple moving on a bike facing rain in Ranchi on February 2,2015.
Note Ratan Lal’s picture shows a couple moving on a bike facing rain in Ranchi on February 2,2015.

Just four days before the festival of Holi,the Sun continued to play truant today with several cities of Jharkhand witnessing showers and foggy conditions.

This weather has turned out to be a dampener for those eager to make the most of the Holi,a colorful festival celebrated on Phagun Purnima falling this year on March 6.

Holi festival has an ancient origin.It marks the triumph of ‘Good’ over ‘Bad’.The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renew friendly relationships.On this day,people hug,exchange color on their bodies and wish each other happy life.

Since playing and excahanging color needs warm weather,the clouds and rain had brought the temprature down from 20 degree celsius to 17 degree celsius.If the temprature does not go up in the coming four days,the people may find it difficult to exchange color with water.

If the weatherman is to be believed, the rainy and cloudy weather will linger for another day after which the mercury is expected to make a dip.

“Northeastern areas of the country are under the grip of a depression in the seas and hence, the dense cloud cover and rain in places like Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh,” an official at the Ranchi Met office said.

Capital Ranchi experienced showers late in the morning and afternoon with the spell continuing for a good two and a half hours before giving way to a drizzle. According to the Ranchi Meteorological Office, the city received 2 mm of rainfall from 8am to 3pm while the maximum temperature was around 19°C and the minimum 16°C.

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