Clean water bodies EU style


Clean water bodies EU style What is common between water bodies-lakes,ponds and rivers –of different states including Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu,Bihar and Jharkhand.They all were thoroughly polluted.

Even Europe’s water bodies were polluted till recently.The level of pollution was such that they were not fit to bathe or fish in.Then came the time,reason prevailed,various laws were formulated and situation began to change gradually in the late 1980s.

A recent study of 20,000 water bodies by the European Environmental Agency shows that the quality of water across EU has improved.If in 1990,just 52 percent of all inland waters examined were ok to bath in;by 2010,the figure had risen to 89 percent.Even coastal waters have become cleaner;the number of clean bathing sites have gone up in 20 years from 80 percent to almost 96 percent,with Cyprus and Greece topping the list.

The change owed to the people who followed the laws and the government who used the latest technology to clean them so much so that in any of their water bodies today,any body can safely dive in and come out without getting infected.

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