Chop off tongue of rape victim to prevent her from testifying in court

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Height of crime and cruelty!

Chop off the tongue of the rape victim before she turns up at the court to testify against the rapist.

An attempt to commit this ghastly crime has rocked Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh where a rape victim was attacked by the accused’s brother who tried to chop off her tongue in order to silence and prevent her from testifying against her attacker.

“That is what the brother of the accused allegedly tried to do to the girl…and left her critically injured, said the girl’s parents”,according to India Today’s report.
This report based on stories carried by local Hindi dailies said, “ The teenager was supposed to give her testimony in a court against the alleged rapist later this month, who is currently in jail.”

She was attacked on Wednesday night and attempts were made to cut off her tongue to make her unable to speak.The victim was gang raped in January this year.

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