China top leaders explore party democracy


In an unprecedented development China is under pressure to transform its polity from communism to democracy.This is evident from the move being pushed by President Hu Jintao and his heir,XI Jinping to hold election for the Politburo.

“President Hu Jintao and his heir, Xi Jinping, have proposed that the party’s 18th Congress, which opens on Thursday, should hold elections for the elite Politburo where for the first time there would be more candidates than available seats, said three sources with ties to the party leadership”,said a report.

The report authored jointly by Benjamin Kang Lim and Michael Martina for Reuters on Tuesday said: “The Politburo, currently 24 members, is the second-highest level of power in China from which the highest decision-making body, the Politburo Standing Committee, is chosen.They are chosen by the roughly 200 full members of the Central Committee which is in turn chosen by the more than 2,000 delegates at this week’s Congress.”

The same report states that “under their proposal,there would be up to 20 percent more candidates than seats in the new Politburo in an election to be held next week, the sources said. It was unclear if competitive voting would also be extended to the Standing Committee.”

Notably,the Communist Party holding power since 1949 has been finding itself difficult to get going.”It is struggling to maintain its popular legitimacy in the face of rising inequality, corruption and environmental degradation, even as the economy continues to bound ahead”,said the same report.

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