China faces black market of sperm

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China,world’s most populous country,is facing a huge problem- black market of sperm.

Reports say that the demand of sperm among the child less couples was such that they were compelled to buy it clandestinely.

Citing an example China’s state owned daily Global Times referred to the case of Yu Huang and her husband.They had reportedly signed an agreement to let some body donate his sperm.They are part of a growing number of Chinese couples who resort to the internet-based black market,said the report.

“There are only 11 sperm banks in China, and they face a shortage of sperm donors, said Jiang Xiang-long, director of the Jiangxi Province Human Sperm Bank.Yu Hua was on the Shanxi Human Sperm Bank’s waiting list for one year without success”,said the report.

“The reproductive medical centre told us that we have to wait for another 15 months, after I have done all the medical checkups. I’m already 32 and could not wait any longer,” said the same report quoting Yu Hua.Huang reportedly assured the

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 couple that he could guarantee conception.

If Global Times report makes any sense,Huang made it clear to this daily that the sperm seeker could choose to have him for injecting his sperm into the wife’s body artificially or through direct sexual intercourse.

The report quotes Huang saying:””I have been working on helping infertile couples and have accumulated some experience. Many clients come to me because they could not get sperm from the sperm bank…I will keep my sperm in a small vacuum cup after masturbation, and then inject it into the wife’s body through a plastic injector.”

It adds:”Huang injects it himself and no doctors are involved in the process.Li Shaohua, 28, the organizer of an internet group of voluntary sperm donors, said donors suggest that intercourse is easier and more successful than artificial injection. Couples often insist on trying injection anyway, but in the end, they usually resort to sex.”

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