Chhath:18 dead in Patna,devotees offer prayer to invisible Sun God in Ranchi


Chhath festivity turned tragic this evening when a bridge made of bamboo collapsed near Adalatgunj in Patna. Atleast 18 persons were killed.

Among the deceased were 10 women and eight children,according to a TV report.

The report said the devotees were returning to their houses after offering Arghya to the Sun God at Ganga ghat in Patna.As they were moving on it,the bridge made of bamboo collapsed.A stampede followed.”As many as 18 persons including eight children who fell on the river died”,said the report.


Rescue operation was launched and hunt for the bodies was on.The bodies of the deceased were sent to the hospital n Patna for post mortem.

In Ranchi,the scene was different.While a thick layer of clouds hovered in the sky enveloping the Sun God,thousands of devotees offered prayer(Arghya) to it this evening in water bodies across Ranchi and its adjoing areas in Jharkhand.

Fasting devotees,mostly women,flocked around the banks of ponds and rivers and stood in waist-deep water to offer prayers to the setting sun to seek blessings for their families.Incidentally,in presence of clouds,the Sun was not visible.

Attired in colourful dresses,families,divided in groups,were spotte assisting the Parvartis-those offering the Arghya-to the Sun God with home made thekua,fruits,sugar cane and coconuts.

In Ramgarh,where the sky was clear and the Sun god was visible,devotees offered prayers with satisfacton writ large on their faces.

There were other families who had confined themselves to their terraces and roof tops and offered prayers to the Sun God from there,while crackers were burst and music played by drummers marked the festive occasion.

The same rituals will be repeated tomorrow morning when they will offer prayer(Arghya)to the rsing Sun.With this the four day Chhath festival will end on November 20.

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