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Chennai Silks working to be devastated at 4 pm today

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The seven-storeyed building housed Chennai Silks and Sri Kumaran Thanga Maligai in T.Nagar

A day after a fire almost destroyed a seven-storeyed building that housed Chennai Silks in the city, preparations are underway to raze down what’s left of the building under the inspection of revenue officials. Four floors of the building collapsed at around 3 am in the morning today.

1.20 pm: The Chennai Silks building is to be demolished by 4 pm, officials have confirmed. The decision was taken following the advice of experts and engineers of PWD.

The massive operation will be undertaken with the expertise of Chennai Metro Rail Limited.

All residents in a 200-meter radius in the area in will be evacuated, officials said.

1.10 pm: The city police registered a case by calling it an accidental fire. The cause of accident is yet to be investigated with help of forensic experts, said a senior official of the city police. The initial investigation revealed that some barrels of diesel to be used for power generators were stocked in the basement.

11.45 a.m.: A major portion of seven storeyed building of Chennai silks on Usman Road crumbled at early morning as the fire gutted the portion. On Wednesday the fire destroyed all goods stocked in the show room. Almost 32 hours later, the fire brigade are trying to control fire. However the fire is yet to be put off. The entire area of Usman Road was barricaded and no public and media personnel were allowed near the scene. The fire brigade are still fighting using skylifts but smoke is still seen to be billowing out from the building.

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