Change India's destiny by electing 545 "good" MPs:Ex Army Chief


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Known for his integrity and honesty,retired Army chief V K Singh was in Ranchi to address a meeting organised by a group under the banner of “Civil Socety” on Saturday.

A day after his departure,his speech was a subject of debate.In fact,his opinion on the Constitution of India and its upholders had raised many an eye borw.

He had said that the Indian Constitution was a “cut and paste” work as its Articles were essentially based on the 1935, Government of India Act.”Although it is a fact,it is nothing new”,said a school teacher Radhika Singh,who was present in the meeting.

Also Singh had said that framers of the constitutional had envisioned that in course of time it would acquire a shape of “a good document through amendments.”But,apparently,some politicians misinterpreted it and used it to suit them, he said adding that A “perfect” Constitution could have put India among the development nations by now.

Lamenting on China’s progress in virtually every sector in comparison to India,Singh said forty per cent of 7.5 lakh crore tonne vegetables and 5.3 lakh crore fruits go waste every year.

“But in China the waste is only 6 per cent to 8 per cent,” Singh highlighted.

Painting a grim future ahead for the country, Singh said there were 30 crore unemployable people while only 2.5 per cent of the total population are in the government jobs.

“To protect government servants, article 311 is being misused. You know how much expenditure is incurred for the mere 2.5 per cent of total government employees,” Singh said.

He touched upon education, health, naxalism, agriculture, farmers, electricity and a host of other issues where India has been lagging behind, but the country could make up for the lost time if the people elect 545 good Samaritans and send them to Lok Sabha.

“India’s destiny will be changed if 545 good people are sent to Parliament,” he said.

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