CCTV footage helped police resolve Delhi gang-rape case

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The Delhi police tracked down the main accused in the gang rape and torture of a 23-year –old medical student in the national capital on Sunday evening.

So far three men have been arrested and three others have been detained.

The FIR filed by the Delhi police indicates that nearly four hours after the incident, a white chartered bus run by a private operator,was missing and the alleged rapists absconding. “The police studied CCTV footage from highway cameras to identify the bus. Footage released by the police shows the bus drive past a camera at about 9 pm”,said a report in the NDTV.

Six men repeatedly raped the woman in a moving bus,and since continued to resist and protest,the rapists beat her up wirth an iron rod,beat her boy friend who had boarded the bus with her and then three the two out of the bus,stripped much of their clothing,on a fly over,according to the police.

They were found lying unconscious there and were taken to hospital,where the woman has undergone multiple surgeries and now was reportedly on ventilator support with doctors describing her condition as ‘grave’ injuries to her abdomen and intestine.

The case left the Parliament in fury with MPs vying with each other to condemn the incident.The Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bacchan was in tears.