Case filed against on-screen character Santhanam over ambush

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He had a dispute with a builder
Arguments have been recorded against performing artist Santhanam and Shanmugasundram, a developer, by the Valasaravakkam police for assaulting each other after a verbal duel over the postponement in development of a wedding lobby.

As per the police, Mr. Santhanam gave a tremendous add up to Mr. Shanmugasundaram as progress for the development of a wedding lobby close Kundrathur. The venture was postponed by the manufacturer. At one of purpose of time, the venture was ceased. Chafed, the on-screen character scrutinized the developer and requested reimbursement of the cash. As the manufacturer did not oblige, both were at loggerheads for quite a while.

Mr. Shanmugasundaram and Prem Anand, a BJP functionary, welcomed Mr. Santhanam and his director on Monday night to the previous’ office in Virugambakkam. A verbal duel transformed into a battle. The police said Mr. Shanumugasundaram hit Mr. Santhanam with a bloom vase continued the table. In countering, Mr. Santhanam and his administrator Mr. Ramesh assaulted the other two, harming Mr. Prem Anand simultaneously.

The two sides held up grumblings with the Valasaravakkam police who enrolled bodies of evidence against both.

Mr. Santhanam has moved the Madras High Court looking for propel safeguard for the situation.

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