Candle march in Mumbai for two martyrs from Jharkhand

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mumbai-candelKillers were in Jammu and Kashmir.The martyrs representing the security forces hailed from Jharkhand.And payers of tributes to them were in Mumbai.

This pan India phenomenon was visible in Mumbai on Thursday when tTwo social bodies-Foundation of Skill India Mission and Lions Club of International Chamber-paid tributes to two Jharkhand based martyrs.

These martyrs were Shakti Singh and Pramod Kumar.Both were killed in in separate incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

The activists and officer bearers of these bodies took out a candle light procession to pay tributes to them..

Among the candle light processionists were:Itkhori based Up Pramukh Santosh Sao,Foundation of Skill India Mission’s President Niranjan Bharti,its Secretary Nupur Gupta,Advisor ramesh Gupta,Lions Club Chamber ;pride’s President Ishwar Gupta and Naresh Gupta
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