Brahma Kumaris hold programme on ‘Future of Power’

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Managing trustee of Aga Khan Development Network and Manufacturer of Adidas sports equipment for 49 countries, Kenya based eminent industrialist Nizar Juma,Advisor of Nestle,Switzerland Anthony Phelips and other foreign guests were given warm welcome on their arrival at Ranchi by Rajyogini Nirmala, Director of Brahma Kumaris and hundreds of members of Brahma Kumaris Ranchi.

These well known personalities participated in the most talked about international programme- ‘The future of power’ in which more than 40 top most nationaland international figures from different fields participate today.

In addition at Ranchi’s prestigious Aryabhatt Auditorium, Morabadi , programme will be held on February 8 from 4.30pm to 7.00pm.

Nizar Juma, who is Chairman of 53 companies , is organising ‘the future of power’ in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris in 35 cities all over India to create awareness among the influential leaders about the soft powers by virtue of which India can give sustainable leadership to the world. The Ranchi programmme is a part of this drive.Brahma Kumaris

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