Blood donation is likely to be a thing of the past


blood donationSandhya Singh was in coma.She needed blood to survive.Her boy friend Ashok Sharma came to her rescue.He donated blood enabling the doctors to infuse his blood on her.She regained conscieousness and now both Sandhaya and Ashok are leading a happy conjugal life.

The blood donation that saved her life paving the way for their marriage is set to be a thing of the past.French scientists have succeeded in producing red blood cells from the stem cells of a human donor and re injecting these into the same donor.Result?

The RBCs from the lab lasted a similar length of time as natural cells,namely,survival rate of 94 percent 5 days after the transfusion was complete and about 50 percent after 26 days.”The cultured RBCs transported oxygen as efficiently as their natural counterparts”,reads an article published in GEO dated June 2012.

This facilitated the scientists to conclude this:stem cells to be taken from the bone marrow and put into a medium with a high level of growth factors,where they develop into RBCs and are then re injected into the donor to mature in the body.They also inferred that this method made possible to produce blood cells in the same way.

“This is the first step on way to making medical treatment independent of blood donation”,concluded the scientists.

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