Bikers’ gang loot,police remain helpless


They are called Bikers’ gang.Zipping around on a motorcycle,they rob and loot in style.

Normally,two persons –driver and pillion rider –keep a tab on a target.As the man or woman with gold jewellery and or cash is located,they follow from behind.Suddenly,they stop the bike.The pillion rider gets down,rob him/her,turns back on seat and zip off.

The gang has been active in Ranchi and Jamshedpur where they had committed a number of day light robberies in the recent past.Though most of these cases were not reported,the police had failed to contain them.

Their latest victim is Usha Tigga.At around 1.30 pm on Monday,Tigga,a retired Principal,had withdrawn Rs 30,000 from the State Bank of India’s Kutchery branch.Later,she kept the money in her bag and took a three wheeler auto taxi to return home.

When she got down from the Auto in front of the Bishop school at Munda chowk,the bikers snatched her bag and zipped off.’I kept yelling.But before the people gathered there,they had vanished from the scene”,cribs Tigga.

Though she had lodged an FIR at Lower bazar police station,no arrest was made in this connection till now.

Asked for his reaction,the police said:”We are trying to identify the culprits.”

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