Beware!Your cell phone can cause brain tumors


man-using-mobile-phoneMobile phone is not safe.In their own language based on research,Physicians and Scientists For Responsible Application of Science and GTechnology(PSRAST)have concluded that the use of mobile phone can cause many ills.

“A considerable body of evidence proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that microwave radiation from mobile phones and cordless phones cause a significantly increased risk for brain tumors. In addition, increasing evidence is indicating that it causes disturbed brain function, damage to the genes and other disturbances…”,states PSRAST.

“The reason is that present safety norms allow the use of mobile phones that emit far too strong radiaton to be safe.These safety norms are contradicted by scientific evidence. Research indicates that much weaker radiation than what is allowed in mobile and cordless phones may have harmful effects.

PSRAST’s conclusions:

  1. You should be very restrictive with using mobile phones and cordless phones. Reduce the usage to very few and brief calls. In stead, use landlines as much as possible.
  2. People below 20 should use mobile phones that allow SMS messages only, but no talking, because the risks are far higher in young people.
  3. Further buildup of the mobile phone net must be stopped. Steadily increasing evidence indicates that it is too harmful to be acceptable for common usage. Moreover, it has been repeatedly confirmed that the radiation from base stations is harmful to health.

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