Responding to a popular request by our readers,we are starting a new column- Ask your Doctor. Under this column Dr. Sudakshina Lala,a doctor of repute,will provide free personal advice and opinion for you. She receives and answers worldwide email questions.

Need advise related with health problems? Dr. Mrs.Lala provides solid, and down-to-earth advice.In case your answer requires views of other doctors,she will contact them and help you get the best medical advise on a weekly basis.

She will provide you new perspective on your problems and questions.Like an ethical and friendly doctor,she will keep you posted with her advise.

Dr. Mrs. Lala welcomes all questions and comments.
How to contact her with your questions?

You can email your questions to Your response will be emailed back, by return address (unless otherwise instructed), as soon as possible. You will be added to her Daily Email Updates. Your letter and the reply may also appear in one of her columns.

E-Mail your health question to her.

[xyz-cfm-form id=2] DR.SUDAKSHINA LALA writes Health is life : Good health is the greatest asset one can have. It is invaluable and once lost, practically irreplaceable .  Continue »

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