Arch foes Israel and Iran shake hands for science


The hostility between Israel and Islamic countries has always been a divide for growth of knowledge.But now scientists of Israel and Iran were on the same page for the cause of science.

They appear to have joined hands in a project to study viruses,new drugs and development of local crops in the greater interest of the humanity.The move is seen as a mile stone in the history of science.

”Science will open the door, which was closed for years and centuries ago,” Palestinian Scientist J Ghebbon told a TV news channel on Monday in the background of the warlike situation in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

Another renowned physicist E Rabinovienechi said Israel and Iran can work together in the interest of the humanity.Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, who is the President of Sesame Council, described scientists of Israel and Iran joining hands as ground-breaking.

“Yes, countries are joining together for the Jordan Project,” Sir Smith said referring to the Project underway in Jordan known as SESAME.

The full form of SESAME is Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East. It is being built in Jordan under the umbrella of UNESCO as an international synchrotron radiation source.

Smith said the project is to study viruses, new drugs and developing local crops.

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