Apple to hit market with its iPad Mini tablet


apple iPad Mini tablet

Market is dear to Apple.So perhaps the consumers who had never imagined that they would get the smaller tablet from Apple are going to have it on November 2.

“That’s the on-sale date for the iPad Mini that is being touted in a fresh round of rumors this morning, and given Apple’s record of releasing new products on a Friday, roughly 10 days after unveiling it in a hype-filled media event, it makes sense to me, too’,writes Eric Mack in his article incorporated by CNET.

Mack further says:”Apple has already announced and sent out invitations for a media event on October 23 (“We’ve got a little more to show you”), and it’s widely expected to be centered on a new iPadwith a 7.8-inch display that could be priced as low as $249. For the full details of what we expect to see, check out Scott Stein’s rundown.”

In the ongoing festive season,there are rumors that the market may see another newGoogle Nexus tablet.

“Let’s hope Apple has been brushing up on its jiujitsu moves to be able to compete”,says Mack.

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