Alcohol helps fruit flies save their young from wasps


The mother Nature has gifted innate capability among living species to procreate and survive.Fruit fles are no diferent.

A new study has found that when “fruit flies sense parasitic wasps in their environment, they lay their eggs in an alcohol-soaked environment, essentially forcing their larvae to consume booze as a drug to combat the deadly wasps.”

The study made public by ANI’s report authored by Dalbir Sahota quotes Todd Schlenke, the evolutionary geneticist whose lab did the research, saying :”The adult flies actually anticipate an infection risk to their children, and then they medicate them by depositing them in alcohol.”

“We found that this medicating behavior was shared by diverse fly species, adding to the evidence that using toxins in the environment to medicate offspring may be common across the animal kingdom,” he said.

For detail of the story read:

Dalbir Sahota quotes Todd Schlenke

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