Ahead of FJCCI polls, SMS game flares up


election pic,FJCCIA day before the election of Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI),the top two contestants,Ranjit Tibrewal and Kishor Mantri-Vinay Sarawagi are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure a victory.

The main roads of the state capital were decked up with banners and festoons put up by candidates of the two teams,each accusing the other of indulging in “ dirty politics” against the other. To an objective observer,the battle may appear to be between teams of Kishor Mantri-Vinay Sarawgi and Ranjit Tibrewal.

Both Mantri,FJCCI’s vice president,and Tibrewal,an industrialist,had accused each other of spreading rumors through the medium of SMSs.In fact,an SMS was circulated today saying that the Kishor-Vinay team had decided to back Team Tibrewal. ”We have decided to support Tibrewal Team”,said the SMS.

Mantri took this SMS as a handiwork of Team Tibrewal and lodged an FIR.”It is a pure and simple crime. We are in the contest and the rival team led by Tibrewal was out to hoodwink the voters saying we had decided to withdraw in his favour”,fumes Mantri.
Mantri has entered into an agreement with Binay Sarawgi,an industrialist.

Tibrewal claimed that Team Mantri has been doing the damage by misguiding the media.“I am going to win. This is the truth and not a political statement. We have a balanced team of experienced and young candidates. The beauty of our team is that nobody is a politician here. The rival team tried misguiding the media by propagating that we are industrialists and we would only work for the industry people,” said Tibrewal

The polls are slated to be held on September 2. In all, 43 candidates were in the fray. Among them 21 candidates will be elected by FJCCI’s 2,367 electorates. The winners will nominate the office bearers,according to the FJCCI.

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The candidates in the fray were : 
Sl.No.   Name of the Candidate
  1. Aloke Kumar Gupta
  2. Amar Chand Begani
  3. Anand Jalan
  4. Anand Kumar Dhanuka
  5. Anand Kumar Goyal
  6. Anil Agarwal
  7. Anjali Jain
  8. Bikash Kumar Singh
  9. Binay Sarawagi
  10. Deepak Kumar Agarwal
  11. Din Dayal Baranwal
  12. Dr. Bharti Kashyap
  13. Dr. Ravi Bhatt
  14. Jawahar Taneja
  15. Kamal Kumar Jain
  16. Kashi Prasad Kanoi
  17. Kishor Kumar Mantri
  18. Kunal Ajmani
  19. Madhav Lakhotia
  20. Mamraj Agarwal
  21. Manoj Tulsyan
  22. Mohit Kumar Narsaria
  23. Mukesh Jajodia
  24. Pawan Kumar Sharma
  25. Pradeep Kumar Jain
  26. Pramod Kr. Saraswat
  27. Praveen Lohia
  28. Prem Kataruka
  29. R.D. Singh
  30. Raghuveer Kr. Rungta
  31. Rahul Saboo
  32. Ranjeet Kumar Garodia
  33. Ranjeet Kumar Tibrewal
  34. Ratan Kumar Modi
  35. Rushi Patel
  36. Sharad Kumar Poddar
  37. Shrawan Kumar Agrawal
  38. Shyam Sunder Agarwal
  39. Soni Mehta
  40. Sunil Kumar Poddar
  41. Suresh Chandra Agrawal
  42. Tulsi Patel
  43. Vinay Kumar Agarwalx

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