Aging may be determined by birthweight:Study

Pic courtesy Science Daily “(Credit: © promesaartstudio / Fotolia)”

In what seems to be a seminal research on aging,scientists have come across key metabolites in blood — chemical ‘fingerprints’ left behind as a result of early molecular changes before birth or in infancy — could provide clues to a person’s long-term overall health and rate of aging in later life.

This is part of the article published in Science Daily under the caption- ‘Rate of Aging May Be Determined in the Womb and Linked to Birthweight, Study Reveals’

This article,contents of which were published in Science Daily on July 9 is based on research published yesterday in the International Journal of Epidemiology,throws light on the international study of twins led by King’s College London.It “highlights how a technique called metabolomic profiling has revealed a collection of 22 metabolites linked to aging.

One of these, linked to aging traits such as lung function and bone mineral density, is also strongly associated with birthweight — a well-known developmental determinant of healthy aging”,states Science Daily.

“This finding suggests that levels of this novel metabolite, which may be determined in the womb and affected by nutrition during development, could reflect accelerated aging in later adult life. Scientists say the findings show it is possible that these markers of aging can be identified with simple blood tests in the future, which may provide further clues to the aging process and could pave the way for development of therapies to treat age-related conditions”,the same article in Science Daily says.

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