Adivasis irked over formation of panel in Hyderabad

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Indervelli Abhivruddhi Committee has only non-tribals

The formation of Indervelli Abhivruddhi Committee by a group of intellectuals and writers in Hyderabad, all of them being non-tribals, seems to have stirred a hornet’s nest in Adilabad. This committee, formed some three day ago, has a stated objective of protecting the martyrs’ memorial column at Indervelli and to demand lifting of restrictions imposed by police for observing martyrs’ day in memory of the victims of Indervelli police firing of April 20, 1981.

The local Adivasis were surprised as well as irked that such a development has taken place without their knowledge. “We already have a committee looking into the police firing on April 20,” pointed out president of Indervelli Amaraveerula Ashaya Sadhana Committee, Purka Bapu Rao. Local Adivasi leaders under the chairmanship of Sarmedi of Ginnera Rai Centre, Tumram Jugath Rao, and others debated the issue for over two hours at Ginnera on Wednesday. They decided to ignore the Hyderabad committee and proceed with their task that includes seeking police permission for allowing more number of Adivasis to pay homage at the martyrs’ column.

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