Adidas leaves its workers cry for justice


They want justice.But none of 2,800 workers who have been fighting for the US$1.8 million which Adidas owed to them in severance pay had got it so far.

Adidas still refuse to pay a penny.

Reports say the company’s Kizone factory was closed in April 2011, leaving 2,800 people out of work and owed US$1.8 million of severance payments.

For over a year and a half, 2,800 ex-Kizone workers have been fighting for the severance pay they are owed since their boss suddenly closed the factory and fled the country.

Over the last six months Kizone workers have been joined by thousands of supporters from across the world who have taken action demanding that Adidas pay up. Despite this Adidas insists that they will not pay.Result is that ex-Kizone workers are getting more and more into debt,said a report.

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