Actual brain and artificial brain are going to be identical in future,says Osamu Hasegawa


Hasegawa,a noted Robotics Researcher from Japan,Robotics Researcher from Japan

Osamu Hasegawa,Robotics Researcher JapanWhile speaking at the 16th edition of the IIT Bombay’s Techfest-2013-14-Hasegawa,a noted Robotics Researcher from Japan, said : “In future, professionals like doctors will be able to impart their skills using this SOINN technology of artificial intelligence and market them. The time is not far where every person will grow up with actual brain as well as one artificial brain.The artificial brain is going to be identical to his actual brain.”

Hasegawa further added that ordinarily, robots function according to the program prepared for their function.And as such,if the programme is changed,the robot cannot respond to it.”But the SOINN technology allows the robot to learn from its past experiences,and even from remote sources like that of the Internet to solve a problem or accomplish a task. This makes it more intelligent than the normal robots”,said Hasegawa.

Jocelyn Goldfein,Director of Engineering, Facebook,Jocelyn Goldfein FacebookOn her part Jocelyn Goldfein,Director of Engineering, Facebook,said that News feeds is the emotional core of Facebook.”Its your and your friend’s content. Recently, we have changed the look of news feeds on Facebook. The latest one has a layout of a newspaper with a lead story,important story followed by other not so important news”,she said addressing the IITians.

Adding further she said;”Even though we were going good and the feature was popular, we chose to take the risk and re design the news feeds. That is because we believe that if we do not disrupt ourselves, others will disrupt us.”

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