Activists condemn her arrest,pray for release of Dayamani from jail on bail



Social activist Dayamani Barla continues to be in jail.Denied bail in cases connected with the people’s agitation against acquisition of land and non payment of wages to MNREGA workers,she spent her tenth night inside Birsa Munda jail in Ranchi on October 25.

Barla,an Adivasi woman,who has been leading anti displacement agitations on behalf of Adivasis in Jharkhand for quite some time,had surrendered before the court on October 16.The police said,non bailable warrant of arrest was pending against her.In one case atleast,the court had ordered attachment of her property.


In her letter to,Aloka,a friend of Barla,wrote that she was denied bail because the police had opened six year old cases against her.All these cases were connected with agitations on issues varying between land,forest,water and non payment of wages to MNREGA workers.

“By sending her to jail,the state government and the police had tried to choke the voice of the people.This will only prompt others to become Barlas.In any case,in this land of Bhagwan Birsa Munda,who had fought against land lords and the British to die in jail in 1900,she will continue to inspire and lead tribals”,writes Aloka.

Scores of journalists and human right activists had condemned her arrest.”By way of force,the State can never muzzle people’s voice against it.We pray for her early release from jail”,said Aloka.

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