A hug lasts for 3 seconds,finds Scottish reserchers


older-women-hugging-smilingA joint study conducted by two researchers in Scotland has discovered that in the life of humans,a ‘moment’is on average 3 seconds long.

They found that 3 second is the frequency with which brain looks for an update and turns to ask-What’s new,What’s changed?

Development psychologist Emese Nagy of Scotland based Dundee University and Nero Scientist Ernst Poppel have concluded in their research that maximum duration of an independent moment is some where between 2 to 5 seconds.

And what comes immediately after that is considered as a separate moment.

While conducting their study on a sample of 188 spontaneous hug among athletes at the Olympic games,they wondered whether this 3 second window was applicable in shared and intimate experiences such as embraces as well.Their conclusion was in the affirmative.”Only for their opponents did athletes have less than 3 full seconds.”

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