2014 Jharkhand Assembly poll: Expectations running high

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Jharkhand society has been growing at its pace in a decade and half. And expectations have been running high since the Assembly polls are taking place in 2014 to elect a new government in the new year 2015.

But are there signs of system of governance changing on the ground? jharkhandstatenews.com visited a colony in Ranchi, to find out the people’s expectations.

Here are the views of the educated people.

1. “We don’t expect any radicul change in governance in this state where neither officials nor politicians were competent to end corruption and build scientific system of governance”, said Sudhir Kumar, a lawyer.

2. “No matter who is the CM or which party forms the government,the system of governance may not change.This is mainly because this state lacks competent officials and politicians who can deliver”, said Pushpa Rani, a school teacher.

3. “In this state where politicians survived on primordial sentiments of caste,religion and tribe and vied with each other to make fast buck,the people are bound to suffer. If the vast majority of population lacks water and electricity despite crores of rupees spent during the past 14 years since Jharkhand was cretead in 2000, nothing substantial can happen after the Assembly poll”, says Ravi Manjhi, a farmer.

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