12 persons killed in stampede near Satsang Ashram in Deoghar where Sri Sri Anknulchandra preached love and compassion

thakuji satsang puri,Deoghar
Satsang Ashram

The death of 12 persons in a stampede in Deoghar has brought into light afresh a saint who was sought to be used by Mahatama Gandhi to end Hindu-Muslim conflict in India.

This saint was Thakur Anknulchandra.He,who was a living legend in early 20th century,had preached that God is common for all religions including Hinduism,Islam and Christianity.

He is on record having said this:” The degeneration of humanity began at that moment when the unseen God was made infinity and, ignoring the Seers, the worship of their Sayings began. Oh Mankind! If you desire to invoke your good, forget sectarian conflict. Be regardful to all the past Prophets. Be attached to your living master or God and take only those who love you as your own. Because all the past Prophets are consummated in the divine Man of the present.”thakuji satsang puri,Deoghar,Thakur Sri Sri Anukul Chandra

Anknulchandra’s teachings range over almost all subjects of the world, including pure sciences. He had predicted and explained the dangers ( in a scientific manner) in 1920s itself. He has given immense knowledge of the origin of the world, humans, history of the world Indo-Aryans in particular. He spoke in details about quanta, atoms, and sub-atomic particles and has given detailed explanation on how all these created the universe.

Satsang, a Sanskrit word,meaning a gathering or association to uphold existence and truth. The Satsang movement was inspired by Anukul Chandra Chakravarty, respectfully called Sri Sri Thakur, by his followers and admirers. Born in 1888 in Pabna, Bengal (now in Bangladesh) and later moved along with his followers to Deoghar, Jharkhand, where the main centre of the Satsang ashram is today. Sri Sri Thakur completed his earthly work and left for his heavenly abode in 1969.

His followers revere and worship him.They say he had the love of Christ, the spontaneous eloquence of Prophet Muhammed, the enlightenment of Buddha and the spiritual realization of Ramakrishna Paramhansa.The people who felt his loving touch have described him variously as a messanger of God.

Aware of his persona,when Mahatma Gandhi came to visit Sri Sri Thakur at Pabna, he sought guidance in resolving the increasing divide between the Hindus and Muslims in India. Sri Sri Thakur replied that if every Hindu were a true Hindu and every Muslim were a true Muslim, all cause of conflict would melt away.

Today,in a tragic incident,atleast 12 persons lost their lives after they were reportedly trapped in a stampede at late Anknulchandra’s ashram in Deoghar district of Jharkhand.

The tragedy unfolded in the morning when more than one lakh of his devottees assembled at his Samadhi for his 125th birthday celebrations of Sri Sri Anknulchandra as he is now known.

“The massive rush and lack of proper arrangements to manage the crowd led to a stampede that left nine people dead, eight of the dead are women”,said the police Inspector Ravindra Singh.

In the incident,as many as 30 other devottees were injured.All of them were undergoing treatment in different hospitals.

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