1 woman drowned to death,9 Kanwarias washed away in flooded river near Chhannamastika temple

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*Representational Picture Courtesy-i.ytimg.com
*Representational Picture Courtesy-i.ytimg.com

Heavy rains during the past three days since Monday flooded the river Bhairavi flowing around the Chhinnamastika temple in Ramgarh on Wednesday.As a result,one woman of ten Kanwarias(Shiva Devotees) who got washed away was drowned to death.

The rest nine Kanwarias were saved by the local shop keepers and members of the Nayas Committee.All of them had come to Chhinnamastika temple after praying and powering water over the Shiva Linga at Deoghar.

“All these Kanwarias were crossing the bridge Chilka over which water was flowing.Suddenly they got washed away”,recalled an eye witness.

The body of the woman Kanwaria was recovered from the river Damodar,said a member of Chhannamastika temple.

The Chinnamastika temple is dedicated to Goddess Chhinnamastika,a Hindu pilgrimage site located in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand.

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